ISO 3450-2011

ISO 3450

4th Edition, November 1, 2011

Earth-moving machinery - Wheeled or high-speed rubber-tracked machines - Performance requirements and test procedures for brake systems

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Description / Abstract:

This International Standard specifies minimum performance requirements and test procedures for the service, secondary and parking brake systems of wheeled and high-speed rubber-tracked earth-moving machines, for the uniform assessment of those brake systems. 

It is applicable to the following earth-moving machinery, operating on work sites or in mining, or travelling on public roads: 

— self-propelled, rubber-tyred earth-moving machines, as defined in ISO 6165; 

— self-propelled rollers and landfill compactors, as defined in ISO 6165 and ISO 8811; 

— self-propelled scrapers, as defined in ISO 7133; 

— remote-control machines, as defined in ISO 6165, wheeled or rubber-tracked; 

— derivative earth-moving machines with rubber tyres; 

— earth-moving machines with rubber tracks and a maximum machine speed greater-than or equal to 20 km/h. 

It is not applicable to pedestrian-controlled earth-moving machinery (see ISO 17063) or crawler earth-moving machines with steel or rubber tracks that travel at less-than 20 km/h (see ISO 10265). While purpose-built underground mining machines are not within the scope of this International Standard, its provisions can generally be applied to those machines with some braking performance modifications and additions. 

NOTE At the time of publication, no International Standard dedicated to purpose-built underground mining machines had been developed.

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