AWWA JAW64051 Journal AWWA - A Performance Index for Assessing Urban Water Systems: A Fuzzy Inference Approach

Journal Article by American Water Works Association, 11/01/2006

Bagheri, Ali; Asgary, Ali; Levy, Jason; Rafieian, Mojtaba

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Urban water systems play an important role in thewell-being of urban regions. Assessing such systems,however, can be extremely complicated because quantifyingsystem attributes is difficult. To overcome thischallenge, it is useful to develop performance indicatorsto assess performance and quantify progress.In this research, a performance indicator frameworkwas developed to evaluate the degree to whichurban water systems successfully satisfied statedobjectives. This framework was then applied to theurban water system of Tehran, Iran, to evaluate theability of the system to achieve its performance objectives.Seven indicators were developed and aggregatedinto an overall urban water systemperformance index using a fuzzy inference model.The fuzzy inference model was then used to aggregatethe indicators into an overall urban water systemperformance index.The model presented in this article can be used toevaluate the water system performance index for otherurban areas as well as the performance of other urbanpublic utility systems. Includes 33 references, table, figures.

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